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LA’s $85 million dollar Hollywood Hills stunner is up for sale!

It’s been making waves in numerous news outlets and Casa Medici is proud to have been a part of the gargantuan $85 million dollar Hollywood Hills house at 1181 Hillcrest up for sale.

For this newly-built private residence, we fabricated a host of bespoke architectural elements, furnishings and other accessories, including our 9′ L x 6′ W x 2.5′ Ht opal silver bathtub, the 63″ Ht translucent blue resin & stainless steel hand grenade statue, an oversized 7-pill art installation, three 15′ L (10″ x 10″ x 10″) “u-channels” illuminated with LEDs beneath the skylight, a collection of decorated alcohol-branded rifles & shotguns, wall coverings, counter & bar tops and bar niches, among others.

Check out some articles below on the World Wide Web about this amazing residence (PS-we hear Jay-Z and Beyonce are interested in buying it too!):

LA Times Business cover story:


Yahoo! News Business:




1181 Hillcrest promotional video:


Crimson resin heart 7 pills installation Blue resin hand grenade 3 Heart & grenade staged Hero silver opal bathtub




Our gargantuan silver opal resin bathtub

We at Casa Medici just wanted to share with you a rather monumental achievement we have just completed – a colossal bathtub measuring 9’ L x 6’ W x 2.5’ Ht. emulating silver opal carved stone (in both color & texture) weighing in at a not too shabby 2,400 lbs.  (I believe this is the biggest single-item resin pour ever made.)

We are very proud of our new baby and the meticulous process we undertook in materializing this client’s vision.  As such, we have decided to provide you with seven images (listed below) with some imagery of the bathtub’s creation; from sculpting until its present & final state:

  1. Very tough & brusque bathtub sculpture
  2. Final sculpture of bathtub
  3. Mold of bathtub in process
  4. Bathtub engulfed by mold with black tooling
  5. Bathtub poured (upside down)
  6. Close-up of basin, off-center to right
  7. With bottles placed on ledge (for sense of proportion)

Should you need any additional information regarding this bathtub or any of our other items, architectural elements & accessories or, of course, bespoke fabrications based on your own designs, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at tmcabian@casamedicidesigns.com or 818.402.9090.

 1 Very rough & brusque bathtub sculpture 2 Final sculpture of bathtub 3 Mold of bathtub in process 4 Bathtub engulfed by mold with black tooling 5 Bathtub poured (upside down) 6 Close-up of basin, off-center to right7 With bottles placed on ledge (for sense of proportion)